Illinois Warrior to Warrior

Illinois Warrior to Warrior helps bridge the gaps between military service and civilian life

For so many, transition is a challenge. Illinois Warrior to Warrior (W2W) recruits and trains volunteer veterans from all branches of the service to help current and former service members and their families.

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How it works

Work directly with your brothers and sisters in uniform.

  • Attend drill weekends
  • Build relationships with soldiers
  • Connect peers with resources and support
  • Receive ongoing training on local and federal resources

How we help

Meet our volunteers

No one knows more about the issues facing a veteran than another veteran.

Select Veterans have been chosen to serve as Volunteer Veterans in the Warrior to Warrior program from a variety of Veteran Service Organizations and the community. 

Our Volunteers

Need help?

To get paired with a volunteer veteran, or to make a referral for someone else, contact us online or call (312) 265-9101. This service is confidential and there is no charge.

The program cannot provide an immediate response in an emergency. If you need immediate assistance, please use these alternative resources.

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