How We Help

Peer to Peer Support from Trained Veterans

Select Veterans have been chosen to serve as Volunteer Veterans in the Warrior to Warrior program from a variety of Veteran Service Organizations and the community. Warriors receive training in communication skills and community resources from the Illinois National Guard and Health & Disability Advocates with the common purpose to Leave No Soldier Behind. Volunteer Veterans are able to provide resources that may be unfamiliar to Soldiers while helping them through whatever problem might be standing in their way.

Peer Support from within the Unit

Warrior to Warrior works directly with the National Guard to train 10% of every unit as a Warrior 1. Warrior 1s act as gatekeepers who keep an eye out for potential issues or changes in a Soldier’s demeanor that might cause concern. It is the responsibility of the Warrior 1 to keep an eye out for the well-being of their unit. Warrior 1s can then address whatever situation with the Soldier directly or provide a warm hand-off to a Volunteer Veteran who can then provide a referral to a local resource or organization that can help.