Affiliated programs

Health & Disability Advocates (HDA) is a national nonprofit organization based in Chicago, Illinois, that promotes income security, enhances work and education opportunities, and improves health care access and services for vulnerable people and places across the nation.

In 2008, recognizing the Illinois National Guard was experiencing their largest deployment since WWII; HDA researched the areas of greatest needs for future Veterans in Illinois. Today, HDA serves as the umbrella organization for several initiatives aimed at creating a blended social support network of civilian and military resource providers for Veterans and military families. These initiatives, one of which is W2W, include,

Illinois Connections for Families of the Fallen (ICFF): In partnership with Army Survivor Outreach Services (SOS), HDA coordinates with more than 25 agencies to provide assistance to families of the fallen, including families of suicide. We facilitate support groups, resources and statewide events for all family members. Phone: 312-265-9109; Email:; Web:

Training and education: HDA also offers several training sessions, like the Military 101 or Military Sexual Trauma workshops, for mental health professionals, legal professionals, and community members. These trainings help civilian agencies meet the needs of Veterans and military families.